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Scotia Premium US Dollar Indexed Fund

Let’s Design a Portfolio to Suit Your Conservative Style

We design investment portfolios to give you solid returns from a diverse range of products that are suited to fit your style. Let us know what is your objective, the timeframe within which you expect to assess your funds as well as your risk appetite, and we will design a portfolio for your success.
If you are a conservative investor our cash investments may interest you the most. Here are our recommendations. Invest in USD or JMD from a wide range of mutual funds including our Scotiabank US Dollar Bond Fund, Scotia Premium Money Market Fund, Scotiabank Money Market Fund and the Scotia Caribbean Income Fund. Book a consultation today.

Conservative Profile: Focus - Preservation of Capital

Let’s Design a Portfolio to Suit Your Moderate Style

If you are a moderate investor taking a balance approach to your portfolio may suit your best. Talk with us about a balance portfolio that includes a mixture of cash, income and equities, customized to suit your investment style. Benefit from a suite of mutual funds and unit trust products. Book a consultation today.
Subject to minimum holding period requirements

Moderate Profile Focus - Income and Growth

Let’s Design a Portfolio to Suit Your Edgy Style

If you are an edgy investor who is looking for strong returns, taking risks is what you do to get ahead. We recommend a portfolio with growth products that will maximize your returns. Here are our recommendations. Our Scotia Premium Growth Fund, Scotiabank US Growth Fund, Scotiabank Global Growth or Scotiabank Canadian Growth Fund give you the diversity of local and international products with JMD and non – JMD options. Book a consultation today.
Subject to minimum holding period requirements

Aggressive Profile: Focus - Growth

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