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Scotia Caribbean Income Fund

Scotia Investments Management Team

The Scotia Caribbean Income Fund is a USD denominated bond fund that invests in debt instruments issued by countries and corporations that are members of the CARICOM economy. The objective of this Fund is to earn and distribute quarterly tax advantaged income and provide some potential for capital gains.

Annual Dividend Distribution for 2016-2018

Year ending March 31, 2018
Dividend DateUS$/share (Class A)US$/share (Class I)
June 30, 20170.023050.05736
September 30, 20170.024620.05976
December 31, 20170.025320.06036
March 31, 20180.021750.05606
Total per share0.094740.23354
Total for YearUS$3.73 million

The NAV as of April 12, 2019 as follows:

Mutual FundNAV
Scotia Caribbean Income FundUS $3.6717