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Scotia Investment Capital Management Accounts

Scotia Investments Management Team

Scotia Investments’ Capital Management Account (CMA) is ideal for busy investors. If you have short-term goals such as saving towards a vacation, home improvement, or buying a car… or if you are simply looking for liquidity after a minimum investment period, this option will appeal to you!

Why should I invest in Scotia Investments’ Capital Management Account (CMA)?

The CMA is a fairly liquid investment, which means that your money is readily available to you. Our experienced investment team is dynamic in the management of your investments, benefit from returns that are typically higher than regular bank accounts.

What is the minimum holding period?

The minimum investment period for the CMA is thirty (30) days for JMD and USD, and ninety (90) days for accounts denominated in GBP, CAD and EURO. After those minimum periods have passed, you have access to your investment at any time.

What are the risks associated with this investment?

The risk associated with the CMA is low as it is made up of commercial loans, securities and financial instruments issued or guaranteed by the Government of Jamaica.

How to get started?

We are ready to help you meet your strategic financial goals! Call, or come in and speak with one of our Investment Advisors.