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Scotia Premium US Dollar Indexed Fund

Scotia Premium US Dollar Indexed Fund

The Scotia Premium US Dollar Indexed Fund is designed specifically to help maximize the value of your investment. The Fund invests primarily in US Dollar denominated fixed income securities to help protect your investment against depreciation of the local currency.

Key Features:
Currency Depreciation Protection

The Fund is invested primarily in USD fixed income securities, which provide protection against devaluation of the local currency. This helps you maintain purchasing power in the local economy.

Yield Enhancement

You have the potential to earn more compared to an investment in traditional money market instruments. In the event that the local currency depreciates, the Scotia Premium US Dollar Indexed Fund could earn additional yield.


Gain exposure to USD fixed income investments with your JMD, without having to convert your money to USD. We make this easy by looking after that for you.


Access cash simply and easily. Your investment is redeemable at any time1, with the benefit of quarterly cash distributions.

Regular Income

Benefit from ongoing quarterly distributions that are paid from the gains on the Fund’s portfolio of investment assets.

Subject to minimum holding period requirements