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The Board of Directors

Scotia Investments - Jeffery Hall

Jeffrey Hall

Mr Jeffrey Hall was appointed to the Board of Directors of Scotia Investments Jamaica Limited on August 28, 2012 and was subsequently appointed Chairman on November 27, 2014….

Scotia Investments - Barbara Alexander

Barbara Alexander

Miss Barbara Ann Alexander is the Managing Partner in the law firm Myers, Fletcher and Gordon. Miss Alexander’s practice areas have been banking…

Scotia Investments - Angela Fowler

Angela Fowler

Mrs. Angela Fowler was appointed to the Board of Directors on July 25, 2007. She is an Attorney-at-Law practicing in the areas of commercial law…

Scotia Investments - Jacqueline Sharp

David Noel

David Noel is the SVP & Head of the Caribbean Central & North and President & CEO, Scotia Group Jamaica Limited…

Scotia Investments - W. David McConnell

W. David McConnell

W. David McConnell is Co- Managing Director and Co- Founder of Select Brands a leading Wines and Spirits Company in Jamaica.

Scotia Investments - Lissant Mitchell - CEO

Lissant Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer, Scotia Investments Limited appointed November 1st 2011.

Scotia Investments - W. David McConnell

Mr. Peter Slan

Mr. Peter Slan is Senior Vice President, International Wealth Management and has responsibility for all of Scotiabank’s wealth management, insurance…